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Livestock Equity Services

The producer/processor relationship is clearly the fulcrum that moves the entire industry.  In every case, a producer/processor will benefit from having a knowledgeable, experienced and competent representative overseeing all professional affairs.  We utilize a variety of marketing programs to enhance our clients’ personal and financial well-being and marketability.

Producers can choose from

Spot Cash & Incentive Forward Pricing  

Contract Pricing

Minimum Pricing

Price Later Contracts

The Livestock Equity Advantage

Geographically Diverse

Multiple Packer Agreements

Contracting Flexibility

Carcass Compilation Reports

Where can Livestock Equity add value?

Effective Cost Planning

Risk Management for Market Variations

Increased income by linking producers and processors with similar objectives

A variety of marketing options that best suit the producers’ goals

Where do we get our information?

Through our industry contacts Livestock Equity is able to provide up-to-date information about long and short term market trends. We also perform in-house market analysis to recognize patterns or market indicators enabling more informed decisions.

17110 Marcy St, Suite 110 - Omaha, NE 68118      
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